David Spray

Ep016: Ali Nasser

Today on the IC-DISC Show, we’re talking with Ali Nasser, who owns a unique, wealth management firm called AltruVista based in Houston, Texas.

AltruVista have a great process, and there’s a lot of useful information in this episode about the common mistakes business owners make, and the different strategies you can implement to avoid these pitfalls.
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Ep015: Charlie Rowe

Today on the IC-DISC Show, we’re talking with Charlie Rowe, a former client of ours, who sold their scrap yard four years ago.

I’ve wanted to get Charlie on the show for some time now, and because he’s now sold his business and is no longer an active client, he’s open, transparent, and candid about all the details of the DISC, his relationship with us, the terms of our agreement, and the various aspects of the DISC calculation.
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Ep014: Bob Blades

Today on the IC-DISC Show, we’re talking with Bob Blades, the president of Blades International, a foreign exchange consultancy based in Houston.

They have a great niche business in which they act as an advocate for their client to ensure the foreign exchange rates they pay are fair and reasonable.
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Ep013: Neal Block and David Berek

Today we have a very special episode as we’re talking with Neal Block of Baker McKenzie on the last day before he retires after 50 years with the firm

Neal’s joined by David Berek, his successor, and they share a lot of really great information, especially for closely-held family business that are trying to transfer inter-generational wealth as tax-efficiently as possible, and advisors, the CFOs, and the owners of these types of companies.
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Ep012: Chris Hanslik

Today on the IC-DISC Show, we’re talking with Chris Hanslik, the chairman of law firm Boyar Miller in Houston.

Boyar Miller has a really different approach to their law practice. They view themselves as entrepreneurs whose service just happens to be the law. This gives them an interesting perspective when serving entrepreneurial companies.

They spend a lot of time on culture, which is something I rarely hear from law firms, and in the show we talked about how, taking a page out of Southwest Airlines’ playbook, their focus is primarily on their employees, knowing that their employees will take great care of their clients.

All of this helps them create a practice that really supports businesses like ours, and it was interesting to hear Chris’s perspective as we go into 2020.

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Ep011: John Ryan

Today on the IC-DISC Show we’re talking with Johnny Ryan, the former CEO of Alexander/Ryan Marine & safety.

Johnny was a longtime client of ours until he sold the company to a private equity firm about six years ago, and this was a great interview with a very successful, self-made entrepreneur who really came from nothing to build and sell a very successful company.

There are a lot of valuable insights in this episode, as well as some personal stories from Johnny’s past. I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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Ep010: Brannon Poe

Today on the IC-DISC Show we have a great interview with Brannon Poe, who’s company, Poe Group Advisors, facilitates the sale and acquisition of accounting firms.

Brannon’s thoughts will be of interest to a lot of business owners, but you’ll find this particularly interesting if you’re a CPA.

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Ep009: Cory Jackson

Today on the IC-DISC Show we’re talking with Cory Jackson, the president of CT Gasket, a company that makes high-end mission-critical gaskets and seals here in Houston, Texas.

Cory is the first client we’ve had on the show, and he shares some great thoughts on the benefits of an IC-DISC as a client.

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Ep008: Julio Gonzalez

Today on the IC-DISC Show we’re talking with Julio Gonzalez, CEO of Engineered Tax Services.

This was a great conversation discussing some of the tax incentives his company specializes in, and it’s another example of how you can benefit by working with a company who understands you industry.

With so many specific tax codes, this specialist knowledge can save you many thousands of dollars.

We had a chance today to dive deep today into those tax incentives with an engineering component, and it was great to hear some of Julio’s experience.

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Ep007: Brandon Frenza

Today on the IC-DISC Show I had a great conversation with Adam Traweek of Amegy bank in Houston, Texas.
As a banker, Adam’s able to give us more of a lay person’s perspective of the IC-DISC and how he uses it as a potential differentiator when talking to potential clients.

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