Today on the IC-DISC Show, we’re talking with Charlie Rowe, a former client of ours, who sold their scrap yard four years ago.

I’ve wanted to get Charlie on the show for some time now because he has a really interesting perspective as someone who effectively used an IC-DISC, as well as being an actual client of ours.

Because he’s now sold his business and is no longer an active client, he’s open, transparent, and candid in the show about all the details of the DISC, his relationship with us, the terms of our agreement, and the various aspects of the DISC calculation. It’s a very insightful and forthright perspective that he might not have felt as comfortable sharing if he had still owned his business.

In the show, we covered his history in the scrap world, the story of his business, his transition as he sold the business, and all of the lessons he learned using the IC-DISC.

He’s also happy to field any questions about his experience from people considering using our service, or setting up an IC-DISC. His contact details are below.

I really enjoyed this interview. Charlie is a great guy, and there is a lot to take from this episode.

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Contact Charlie Rowe
To contact Charlie about his experience using our service, or the IC-DISC you can email

IC-DISC Show 015 Transcript