Today on the IC-DISC Show, we’re talking with Bob Blades, the president of Blades International, a foreign exchange consultancy based in Houston.

They have a great niche business in which they act as an advocate for their client to ensure the foreign exchange rates they pay are fair and reasonable.

I discovered during the call that it’s just the nature of foreign exchange to have a lot of complexity, so they assist their clients in making sense of that complexity.

Bob has some great success stories from clients in a variety of different businesses. Although they have historically worked primarily with multi-national Fortune 500 clients, their service is now a viable option even for companies with under a million dollars a year of foreign exchange.

Their free analysis is a great way to see the indicative savings you could achieve, and they are a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic group of people to work with.

So, I learned a lot about foreign exchange myself. It was a really fun interview, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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To find out more about the services Blades International provide, your can call (713) 977-7400, or visit

IC-DISC Show 014 Transcript