Today on the IC-DISC Show we have a great interview with Brannon Poe, who’s company, Poe Group Advisors, facilitates the sale and acquisition of accounting firms.

Brannon’s thoughts will be of interest to a lot of business owners, but you’ll find this particularly interesting if you’re a CPA.

Poe Group Advisors has sold more than 300 CPA practices over the last decade, and this was a great opportunity to dive into some of the detail in these types of transactions. We had a chance to dispel a lot of the misconceptions around buying or selling a practice, and talk about the interesting point that all-cash offers are not only possible, but preferable, and are becoming more common in this economy.

If you’ve considered buying or selling a practice, or if you’ve ever wanted to leave your corporate accounting job to be self-employed, this really is a must-listen interview, and a tremendous opportunity to expand your boundaries to see what’s possible.

There’s a lot to take from this episode.

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To speak to Brannon about buying or selling a firm, or the services Poe Group Advisors provide, your can email or visit

IC-DISC Show 010 Transcript